Here’s what writers like you are saying about working with Owl Editing: “… I can honestly say that hiring Tiffany was the best thing I did while publishing my novel.”

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“After searching for editors I came across Tiffany, and I was so impressed with her sample edits of my work that I decided to hire her for a full round of structural and line edits. And I am so, so pleased that I did. Tiffany has an incredible attention to detail, which helped to strengthen my story in ways I had never thought of. Her advice on grammar usage, pacing, plot, and character development was truly invaluable. I can honestly say that hiring Tiffany was the best thing I did while publishing my novel.” – Jonathan Olivier, author of Between the Levees

“Tiffany is honest in the best possible way! She paid very close attention to even the smallest details of my manuscript and pointed out elements I would have never even thought to change or make better. Her editorial letter was thorough and organized which is making it easier for me as I go through my edits. I highly recommend any writer looking for a great editor to have Tiffany take a look at their work. Thank you, Tiffany!!” – Ashley Drew, author of Never Stop Falling

“I just want to say what a great experience I’ve had in working with Tiffany.  She is so professional and very good at what she does. She has been a huge help in getting me on track with dream and goals to being a professional writer. Tiffany is my current editor for all my writing projects and has been a huge determining factor in giving me the confidence I needed to finally take the big plunge and self-publish my short stories and hopefully soon to be novel in the near future. If you are a writer in need of a great editor, I highly recommend you connect with Tiffany and explore the options available. Thanks so much, Tiffany; you’re the best!!” – Joseph MacFarlane, author of Case Study (Five Fingers)

“Many beta readers helped improve my book. Whilst almost everyone was fantastic, one stands head and shoulders above the rest, Tiffany Dawn Munn. My novel is complex and unusual. Her comments showed she had read the story closely and understood it. Her suggestions were helpful and insightful. For example, she found many plot holes, parts of the story that never made it from my head to the page, inconsistent passages, confusing and clunky sentences, etc. She provided 615 comments in my manuscript AND a 3.2K word critique letter. She provided incredible value for money. Last, but not least, Tiffany is respectful. It’s very hard opening yourself up to criticism. I had the misfortune of blowing a third of my beta reading budget on one beta reader who provided little more than personal insults dressed up as criticism. There may have been something useful in there, but it was buried under so many generalized sarcastic flourishes that I gave up fossicking for actionable criticisms, and wrote it off as a loss. Tiffany is not like that. If something doesn’t work, she tells you without unnecessary embellishment. She is direct, specific, and respectful. If I ever write another book, I will definitely be using Tiffany again.” – I.M. Savage, author of Virtually Deserted

“Tiffany is the friend you need, engaged with your story, yet unafraid to bring up doubts, many of which you struggled with yourself. But she is also the editor you need, giving you advice on everything from plot and characterization to paragraph formatting. Her critique is both ‘big picture,’ summarized and broken down for you in a letter-length write up, and detailed, her attention to your story showing clearly in her manuscript comments. Tiffany is sharp, insightful, and knowledgeable, and, especially for new authors, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better beta reader out there.” – Andy Huang, author of From the Dark

“Tiffany did a fantastic job critiquing my manuscript. She gave the most thorough report I have had from a beta, looking into every aspect of my novel. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an honest critique of their manuscript. I will be returning to her for the sequel in my series. Thank you, Tiffany!” – Danielle Lori, author of A Girl Named Calamity

“I’ve had a great experience working with Tiffany on two projects now. She gave me practical advice on ways to improve my manuscript. Her editing services were thorough on a range of issues from grammar to voice and character, and her critique was always constructive.” – William Bradbury, author of Tokyo Low Life

“Tiffany has an amazing editorial eye, not only catching grammar issues, but all around plot holes, the energy or pace of your story and lets you know your weak points. Because of her I know my manuscript is stronger than it was at the beginning. Also, Tiffany lets you know what works, because we all know how harsh we can be on our own work; sometimes we don’t see the good points in our own manuscript. Tiffany points those out and offers advice to make it even stronger. I consider myself lucky to have got a hold of her services!” – Sydney Richardson, author of represented manuscript THE HALVES OF US

“There are many services available for editing, but there are few that leave you with a feeling of a good investment. Tiffany is one of the few people who gives you such a good value that you almost feel like you underpaid. (Please don’t charge me extra now!) The work is thorough. She has an eye for detail and style. She’s dedicated to the craft. She also sticks to the agreed time schedule like clockwork. The work has an obvious amount of effort and thought put behind it, which in the writing world is always appreciated. Essentially, the highest amount of praise I can give is that I would, without hesitation, entrust her to edit my writing in the future and would not pause in recommending her to a friend. You should trust her too.” – Seth Bracken, writer

“I am very happy and pleased that Tiffany came my way in the world of editing and my writer-hood! Her editorial letter gave me vital insights to my work, helped me shift my perspective over my content, style and structure. Everything she pointed out with specific ideas for improvement led me to a different understanding, widening and sharpening my plan of rework. Working with Tiffany made me feel in good hands and on the right track. She is also a very pleasant person to work with while her voice is of an ally who wants to see you succeed.
Thank you, Tiffany!” – Agnes Bodi, magazine columnist

“I was impressed with Tiffany’s professionalism, her organizational abilities, and her knowledge of grammar and writing all around. The cover letter was kind but honest, pointing out errors in areas that I wouldn’t even have thought to look. She didn’t hesitate to be straight, which I appreciated, even if it was tough to read. Writers need these types of critiques, these types of editors, if they want to write at the next level. Thanks, Tiffany.” – Chris Blight, writer

I hired Tiffany to review the first chapter of my work in progress, and I was really impressed with the quality of her work. She has a very keen eye and seemed to pick up on even the most easily overlooked typos. She gave me great feedback about character development and story line that I took to heart and put in to practice right away. I trust that she knows what she’s doing. Will hire her when my manuscript is done.” – Mary Mading, writer

“Having just received back a critique of my manuscript ‘The Thief’s Apprentice’ from Tiffany, I would recommend her services to anyone who wants an honest, down to earth but supportive reader. Advice is offered in a constructive manner and if there’s a blatant error she’ll tell you. Pair that with friendliness, and you have someone who gives you motivation and a belief you’ll succeed.” – Bo Sawyer, writer

“I really appreciated Tiffany’s critique of my manuscript draft. She made detailed changes and looked at the overall flow, helpfully noting where I could naturally introduce more description (my biggest weakness!) Most importantly, Tiffany provided feedback on what worked well. It was illuminating to be able to step back and see my writing from a different perspective, and it has made me more aware of my strengths.” – CJ Reader, writer

“Tiffany Dawn Munn’s beta read of my 18K middle-grade novella was amazing.  She offered useful advice on several different levels, from catching simple punctuation mistakes all the way up to improvements in character portrayal and plot development.  She did this both in a long prose critique, and then in Word using detailed comments on almost every manuscript page.  Her writing background shows, as many comments could only come from an experienced writer.  I highly recommend her for beta-reading.” – Larry Martin, writer

“Tiffany did an awesome job editing my work, leaving comments that were honest and to the point. I appreciated the fact that she commented on the parts of the novel that actually worked. She obviously took notice of every word and what it meant in context. I will definitely consult Tiffany on my next project.” – Leticia Oppong, writer

“Tiffany’s edits and critiques are from someone who loves to read, not just point out all your grammatical mistakes. Of course, she makes sure to mark them; a good story still needs proper tenses and subject verb agreement. Both these skills made her critique honest so I could see the strengths and weaknesses in my writing.” – Scott Welch, writer

“Thank you, Tiffany. You did a wonderful job spotting my grammar mistakes and offered up excellent advice on how to improve my story. My story was much improved because of your editing.” – Don Smith, writer

“Thank you, Tiffany for the excellent critique you gave me on the chapter I sent you. It was much appreciated and I will put your thoughts to use in making my writing better.” – Randall Davis, writer

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