Novel Plotting Package

Do you have a great idea for a story or a character but don’t how to actually turn that into a full-length novel? Maybe you know what you want to happen at the beginning and the end but have no idea what to put in between? If so, my novel plotting service is just what you need!


You’ll receive a Novel Planning worksheet, which will ask some questions about the story you want to bring to life and help establish what plot points you have so far.

Once completed and returned to me, we’ll schedule a time for a joint brainstorming call (up to an hour long). During the call, we’ll establish some anchor plot points and character arcs. Notes from the call will be emailed to you for reference.

You’ll receive a scene skeleton (an outline with some plot ideas) based on our discussion to help you organize your thoughts and form a loose outline for your novel. Once completed, you’ll return it to me, and I’ll provide final thoughts in the form of a brief editorial letter.

Depending on both of our schedules, the entire process will take one to two weeks.

Cost: $200 (or $100 for just the novel planning worksheet & joint brainstorming call)  

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