Line Edit

If you have a manuscript with all the basic elements of a great story in place but need to make the actual writing as strong as possible, my line edit service may be for you!


Note: I only line edit manuscripts that are in good shape story-wise, engaging, and that appeal personally to me. I require this because line edits demand careful attention and a great amount of passion for the project. While I will correct errors, this is not a proofread and I don’t guarantee catching every mistake.

With Track Changes on, I’ll work with the words you provide and focus on:

  • Sentence structure & rhythm
  • Awkward phrasing or dialogue
  • Clichés, telling & passive voice
  • Clarity & consistency
  • Exposition that’s too lengthy
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation & missing/wrong words

This’ll take three to five weeks.

Cost: $0.015 per word or $35/hour for projects below 3k words

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