Developmental Edit

Do you want to make your manuscript as strong as possible and improve your writing craft for future projects? If so, my developmental edit service is perfect for you!


You’ll receive a Getting Started worksheet, which will ask a few questions to help establish your main concern about the manuscript, your goals for the final product, and any writing weaknesses.

We’ll communicate as needed while I edit so I can obtain needed info or get feedback from you. All line edits will be made with Track Changes on, so you can see what I suggest without losing anything you’ve written. I’ll also provide comments with a focus on:

  • Structure, Organization & Flow (including perspective & tense issues)
  • Pacing & Plot (including loose ends, tension & conflict)
  • Opening & Climax
  • Character Development
  • Enhancing Chapter Beginnings & Endings
  • Improving Weak Scenes
  • Enhancing Strong Scenes
  • Dialogue
  • Setting & World Building
  • Voice & Writing Quality
  • Showing versus Telling
  • Cutting Filler

This’ll take three to five weeks. Once finished, I’ll return your manuscript along with a three to ten page editorial letter, which will provide further detail and writing tips tailored specifically to you. You’ll also receive my Grammar Guide and an invitation to a private writer support group on Facebook.

Follow up phone or Skype call (up to an hour long) is included to discuss whatever you’d find most useful.

This edit does not focus on basic errors or grammar, though the Grammar Guide will note issues I saw consistently and explain how to remedy them.

Two payment options: half now and half upon completion or pay $100 – $300 (depending on total cost and what works best for you) per month until you’re done. Super simple!

Cost: $0.018 per word

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