Do you need detailed feedback on your manuscript but have a tighter budget to work with? If so, my critique service is perfect for you!


I’ll provide comments in the margin with a focus on:

  • Pacing & Plot
  • Characters
  • Setting & World Building
  • Voice & Writing Quality

In general, I won’t make line edits except in the case of suggestions that are easier to show than explain. This’ll take one to three weeks. Once finished, I’ll return your manuscript along with a one to two page editorial letter, which will provide further detail. You’ll also receive my Grammar Guide and an invitation to a private writer support group on Facebook.

This edit does not focus on basic errors or grammar, though the Grammar Guide will note issues I saw consistently and explain how to remedy them.

Two payment options: half now and half upon completion or pay $100 per month until you’re done. Super simple!

Cost: $0.005 per word or $30/hour for projects 15k words & below

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